Why We Should Raise the Minimum Wage

A Strong Minimum Wage Can Help Working Families, Businesses and Our Economy Recover

With the worst recession in a generation still being felt across the nation, state and federal leaders are focused on getting their economies moving again while helping working families make ends meet.  Raising the minimum wage is a key strategy for doing both and should be part of an economic recovery agenda.  This briefing paper details the positive impact of raising the minimum wage – and indexing it to inflation so that it does not continue to fall in real value every year – on working families, local businesses and state economies.  By boosting pay in the low-wage jobs on which more families are relying than ever, a stronger minimum wage will help restore the consumer spending that powers our economy and that local businesses need in order to grow.   A robust minimum wage is a key building block of sustainable economic recovery.

For more information, please download our January 2011 Briefing Paper.



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